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Lou Gehrigs and my Mom

Someone once asked me who my idol was.  When I said my mother they said she didn't count they wanted someone famous.  I thought for a minute and then said Lou Gehrig.  Knowing I really wasn't a baseball fan, they asked why.


Well, you see both Lou Gehrig and my mother died from Lou Gehrig's disease.  Neither of them let it pull them down as they fought to the very end.  As many know Lou Gehrig is a terminal disease as there is no cure for it.  It is also known as ALS.  Watching my mother with this disease gave me the courage to fight breast cancer.  I knew if she could deal with a terminal disease then I could most certainly deal with breast cancer.


Now I realize my mom wasn't anyone famous like Lou Gehrig.  He was a famous baseball player with the New York Yankees and there aren't many baseball fans that don't know his name.  He played 17 seasons in Magor league baseball. However, she did raise six children and loved every one of them unconditionally.  Even as she fought Lou Gehrig's disease she was there for her children never feeling sorry for herself.  So you see my Mom to me is just as much of an idol as Lou Gehrig is.


This blog may be titled Lou Gehrig and my Mom, however, it is for all the brave souls out there that fought this terrible disease or any terminal one.  So if you know someone that fought this terminal disease or any other this is for them. Maybe it was  your mother, brother, spouse, sibling, best friend.  I didn't know all theirs names so I used my mom.


So when I wrote my first novel Kate's Blessing I made her a strong woman after my mother and all the brave people that fought it and the brave people who helped them in their time of need. You can find the book under the tab my books